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  • Put your little hand in mine and
    Look into my eyes, baby eyes #
  • Okay, I love Adam Lambert, he is the most talented thing I've heard since Freddie Mercury and I love "Music Again" so much! Go Adam! #
  • Report: MySpace to adopt Facebook Connect | The Web Services Report – CNET News http://ow.ly/IJY0 #
  • I got it! Exclusive first Press release for SRO Cinemaserye presents: Exchange gift! Check it out now at http://bit.ly/62qzo5 #

Exclusive First – SRO Cinemaserye Presents – Exchange Gift!

The life of workaholic Miguel (Dennis Trillo) is going to be

turned upside down when his mischievous godson EJ (Kiko

Magundayao) comes to stay with him while his father is abroad.

Miguel and EJ go together like oil and water, and in a sudden

twist of fate EJ’s father dies while abroad, putting this

unlikely pair stuck together forever.  Miguel is not happy about

becoming an instant father.

He decides to take EJ to an orphanage, but on their way there,

the argue-fest continues and they bump into none other than Santa

Claus, but neither of them even notice!

And you know, you better watch out, you better not cry, because

Santa Claus is comin’ to town!

Santa Claus isn’t too happy with the two and their bickering

ways, so he decides to surprise them with a gift they won’t


Their worlds are going to be turned inside out! The next day the

two wake to find they have switched bodies! How ornery Santa has


Will Miguel take the life of a child destined to spend his life

in an orphanage?  Will EJ take the responsibility of a career

oriented adult?

Find out starting Thursday, December 10th on GMA 7 after


Joining Dennis Trillo and Kiko Magundayao in this comical

adventure, are: Nadine Samonte, Ryza Cenon, Gene Padilla, Niel

Ryan Sese.

Written by Renato Custodio Jr. and Karen Lustica
Directed by Mac Alejandre

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