Hate Crime Caught On Camera – Sad and Ignorant!

This is horrifying and shows how fu@#ing ignorant some people can be!  This shit has got to come to an end people.  I am so glad they caught this on camera, and I hope that they get the bastards that did this!  It is absolutely ridiculous that any person would have to go through this because of a couple of uneducated homophobes, who probably are just frustrated because they have gay tendencies.  These two have got some serious issues and need to finish out their life in prison for attempted (if the poor guy lives)  manslaughter.

Last Thursday, 49-year-old Jack Price, an openly gay man, was attacked right outside of his home by two individuals yelling anti-gay slurs.  He was just going to get cigarettes, not bothering anyone and now he is in a hospital on a respirator clinging on to his life!