Metro Manila Flooded by “Ondoy”

Hi guys, I just got power again after 2 days of being without!  We got hit by a flash flood! It was fast and bad!  I will post pictures and videos soon as I can from my phone.  So many of us here lost so much.  Some lost part of their homes, some lost their business, and some lost their lives.  What a tragedy.  None of us expected this to happen, so none of us were prepared, but Ondoy dumped so much water that the flood came fast and furious!

It was quite scary as water was rushing into our house trying to save what we could while fighting the onslaught of muddy water pouring into our houses and threatening to carry us down the street!

So many people here will now start the task of rebuilding our lives, I am writing this from a friends house as our house is covered in mud from the flood waters, and we helped clean the lower level of this house today.  There are a lot of people here who need help so any help you can send our way, no matter how small would be a blessing.

You can visit our page to help out at and thanks so much for your kindness.