What we tweeted on 2009-09-14

  • Family horrified after getting restaurant bill describing their two-year-old daughter as a 'little f***er' | Mail Online http://ow.ly/pfLc #
  • DailyTech – Windows 7's XP Mode Cripples Malware, Gives Attackers Headaches http://ow.ly/pfKV #
  • "No cracks in Angat Dam" http://ow.ly/pfCY #marikina #
  • SocialToo is a great tool for all you twitterers! Would be cool if it works with wordpress too! #socialchange #
  • Busy night ahead, I am still sleepy, I hate insomnia! #
  • Yay, just got a box of stuff from my mom in America! I am so stoked, feels like Christmas already! I love ya so much mom, you're the best! #
  • Ahh… I ran out of cooking gas, time to pull out the power cord for my rice cooker, lol! #