Bayani Fernando – Be the MMDA Chairman Game!

Become Chairman Bayani Fernando’s protégé through this fun online game. Be the highest scorer by September 30, 2009 and win an Asus Eee PC Laptop from Team Bayani Online!

In case of a tie, players will be asked to play a final showdown to determine the MMDA Chairman protégé winner.
Please take note that you will only get a chance to submit your score and contact information if you get to finish the game. We recommend that you read the complete game instructions before playing.

Don’t be fooled. The game may seem easy in the first few levels but it gets frustratingly challenging as you progress!
Good luck!

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Sa political will, titino at yayaman po tayo


My First Debut (Débutante) Party in the Philippines!

So, I am going to attend my first debut (party this weekend.  One of my friends is turning 18, woot woot! I may not spell all of these words right but I will give it a go.  The 18th birthday for a girl is big news in the Philippines, and my friend Monica has picked Filipiñana as her theme.  Everyone is supposed to dress in a traditional Filipino outfit, and they can chose the region it comes from.   My costume will be a barong, which is a see through shirt that men wear here as formal dress.  I will try to post pics after this weekend.

Can’t wait to sing and have a few cocktails too!


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Wow, a house made out of an Boeing 727 – cool!

Pay attention, airlines. Here is a way to recap some of those losses.

Imagine having a Boeing 727 as a home. The plane set Joanne Ussary back $2,000, cost $4,000 to move, and $24,000 to renovate. That’s not bad for a $30,000 investment. The stairs open with a garage door remote, and one of the bathrooms is still intact. And let’s not forget the personal Jacuzzi in the cockpit. Sweet. The Boeing home is featured as part of a collection of creative conversions.

Check out these pictures: