Updates on Twitter for 2009-07-21

  • Making Mischief on Twitter – Tweleted http://ow.ly/hMK0 #
  • RT @fjordz How could you be so heartless? (music) http://plurk.com/p/1c06kz in reply to fjordz #
  • Schwarzenegger Shrinks California in Order to Save It – TIME http://ow.ly/hMGh #
  • Hate crimes bill nears passage – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com http://ow.ly/hME5 #
  • RT @mistygirlph 30+ Easy to Follow Photoshop Layout Design Tutorial http://ow.ly/hMvF in reply to mistygirlph #
  • RT @philip_v Hhmm. I think I'll get coffee from one of the local coffee shops here. Say no to Starbucks. in reply to philip_v #
  • Hey, subscribe to my youtube my friends! Love ya! http://www.youtube.com/riclinonline #
  • i am hungry and finally on my way home! Yay! #
  • Huh? Japan's PM to dissolve parliament http://ow.ly/hKlz #
  • Twitcam turns Twitter into a video streaming hub | Web Crawler – CNET News http://ow.ly/hKhW #
  • Yuck, I have to wake up too early, got too much to do today! I am tired tired tired! #