Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05

  • Join me at you can even feed your Twitter to a widget on the network! #
  • OMG, I slept all day and just woke up, My sleep schedule is so messed up! #
  • Okay, I have been up all night, time to get some sleep! Visit me at !!! #
  • I think I am becoming a Twitter Addict! Ahhhh…. #
  • Adding some pretty cool new features over at our social network site! Check it out at #
  • RT @mcbilly: Kindly RT, thanks. How to Check if a website is a Scam – #
  • What a busy day, feels good to get home and kick my feet up finally! #
  • Hey, check out the new social networking site at it is pretty cool! #
  • RT @cocoy: Why Apple ($AAPL) keeps iPhone specifications quiet #
  • Reverse Discrimination may leave confusion, but it is about time. #
  • RT @andysowards: RT @FrederiekPascal Pirate Bay Acquired for $7.8 million, Content Providers to Get Paid #
  • I am sleepy. Wish appointments didn’t take so long. 🙁 #
  • Bombs found in Quezon City, read more at #