Ok, So here Is My Rant to – Iran, Cuba, and all you other Countries Ran by An Ignorant Government!!!

You know, I read the news almost everyday, and everyday I see something stupid!  Now Iran has kicked British Diplomats out of their country. 

Now for those of you who don’t know, a diplomat is a person who works for a public institution whose purpose is to communicate with other countries, promote cooperation with those countries, help people who are in a foreign country, etc.

Now the idiots who call themselves government official in Iran, after an obviously rigged election, have kicked out people that are trying to strengthen diplomatic relationships with them.  Furthermore the students (nice education IDIOTS), decided it was a good idea to stand outside the British embassy and burn flags and chant, “Down with Britain, Down with America”, well you know what F to the U to the C to the K You! These people don’t even know what the hell is going on in the world.

For that matter, I am just generally sick of students everywhere in the world protesting stuff, more than half of them don’t even know why they are standing out there shouting about stuff, they are just trying to be part of a group.  Well here’s some new for you, you are an IDIOT!  If you can’t get a date, protesting something isn’t going to help you–nerd, loser, geek, whatever.  You need to get on some social networking site and make some real friends, because the people that dragged you out to protest won’t be talking to you in a month or so.  Yes, mark my word and see if I am not right!

Speaking of Cuba, which is in the title of this blog, You all are IDIOTS too, you were welcomed by the most powerful countries in the world to start trading again after all those years of living in the dark ages and your government turned it down, WTF, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

Okay, so here is my advice/opinion, and you all know that I always have something to say, stop! Stop trading with these IDIOTS like IRAN, CUBA, and whoever else has their head up their ass (North Korea), quit buying oil or whatever else the world buys from them and quit sending them food.  The people who need it aren’t getting it anyway!

Just stop cold turkey!

No more negotiations, they never hold up their end of the bargain anyway.  I am more than positive that they will need you before you ever need them again, give it a try and see if I am not right.  The less gas we buy the less we burn, and the closer we come to helping make a change in Global Warming!

I would love to see some of my readers opinions, oh, and if you are from one of the aforementioned countries then F-U-C-K OFF!  Unless you are one of the chosen few who thinks your government sucks and you want to make a change!

People need to learn to get along, OMG, how many centuries and still we are like children, will people never learn the lesson of decent social behavior?  You just need to be kind to people, if you don’t like the way they are then don’t put yourself in a place where you have to deal with that person!

Peace out…