Ho Ngoc Ha goes on Tour with Music Faces 2009!!!

Ho Ngoc Ha one of the top Vietnamese female pop stars, is all set to go on the Music Faces 2009 tour!  She will expected to perform a duet with Vietnam Idol winner, Phuong Vy who has recently returned home after a successful U.S. tour.  This tour features an exiting linup of artists and performers and will run from July 3rd to July 19th!

The Ricky Show says to love one another!
“yêu nhau, thu’o’ng nhau”


Updates on Twitter for 2009-06-30

  • RT @cocoy: Why Apple ($AAPL) keeps iPhone specifications quiet http://bit.ly/4qGH2 #
  • Reverse Discrimination may leave confusion, but it is about time. http://bit.ly/bl1UX #
  • RT @andysowards: RT @FrederiekPascal Pirate Bay Acquired for $7.8 million, Content Providers to Get Paid http://bit.ly/qqaxd #
  • I am sleepy. Wish appointments didn't take so long. 🙁 #
  • Bombs found in Quezon City, read more at http://therickyshow.com #

GMA puts herself in Quarantine

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the president of the Philippines, has placed herself in a self-opted quarantine after her journey abroad, to make sure she does not have the H1N1 virus.  I think this is honorable but I wonder if she just needed a break from the office for a few days?

Hope all is okay GMA.


Michael Jackson – This is It Show– Will Continue as a tribute

Michael Jackson’s show will go on–the much anticipated London O2 Arena show, This is It will go on despite Michael Jackson’s death according to MSNBC.

Except now it will be a tribute concert to the King of Pop featuring many A-listers recreating what Michael was going to do during his show.

Even her majesty, Madonna, is rumored to have a part in the show.  She had planned on making a surprise appearance in the original show.

The first performance is set to be held in September, no word yet as to other shows.  It would be great to see this hit all the major cities of the world!


Bombs in Quezon City, Metro Manila!

WTF??? Terrorist will never learn that terror brings hate from the majority of people.  There was a bombing recently at the Office of the Ombudsman in Quezon City yesterday, and today a bomb was found at outside the Department of Agriculture building in Q.C., sheesh, why the hell the Department of Agriculture?!? Maybe the terrorist aren’t too smart and they thought DA stands for District Attorney or something else.  Some people are relating this to President Gloria Arroyo trying to hold on to her presidential seat just a bit longer, not likely though, I think the President is ready to get rid of the headache that she is in now and move on.  I hope when Bayani Fernando is elected next year he can get a grip on these terrorist activities!

You can read the full story about the bomb being found here!


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

  • Formatting and getting full text of Philippine Constitution online! #
  • Enjoying my Pamangkin's birthday party, she just turned 3 and we bought her a Dora backback and lots of activity books! #
  • Are you using @MrTweet yet? Besides recommending you to relevant folks, he also helps you discover them as well! http://mrtweet.com?v=12 #
  • RT @leahbesajimenez: RT @mistygirlph: Inspiration from a Brand Perspective http://tinyurl.com/ncwlq4 #
  • OMG, went to Libis and saw Transformers 2! It was soooo awesome. Let me know if you liked it at http://therickyshow.com . See ya there! #
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  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Bayani Fernando – Pag asa ng Bagong Filipino – President 2010 Philippines http://bit.ly/y5uK7 #
  • Check out http://friends.therickyshow.com it is now in Beta Phase! #
  • Wow, I am finally doing some beta testing on The Ricky Show Friends Network, join if you like at… http://ff.im/4lgqz #
  • I am tired and it is hot in Libis today! #

Michael Jackson almost Broke the Internet!

The biggest showbiz story of the year saw the troubled star take a good slice of the Internet with him, as the waves of curious people searching for the news of Jackson’s death logged on around the globe.

Google news was reporting outages and Twitter was deadlocked at various times!  Other sites reporting problems were TMZ, Wikipedia, The Los Angeles Times website, and even the AOL instant messenger!