2010 Election in the Philippines!

Well, the 2010 elections are just right around the bend. Less than one year to go if everything goes as planned, and the elections are scheduled to be held on May 10, 2009.

Lets see if everything goes through. Who will be our 15th president.

At this point after doing my research on the history, The Ricky Show gives its full endorsement to Bayani Fernando. Bayani not only has years of experience but during these years he has produced some great accomplishments. When he became mayor of Marikina back in 1992 he cleaned up the city, and transformed it from a 4th class municipality to a bustling and thriving model Philippine city. He was also re-elected twice and served as mayor of Marikina until 2001!

In 2002 Bayani was appointed the Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and still holds this office concurrently with the position of director for the Department of Public Works and Highways for the National Capital Region.

Bayani is the best bet for a better future for the Philippines!

Hope to see him elected in 2010!

Other candidates that have declared their intent to run are:
Among Eddie Panlilo, Jejomar Binay, Francis Escudero, Panfilo Lacson, Mar Roxas, Gilberto Teodoro, and Manny Villar.

Just a quick note, Among Eddie Panlilo is a Catholic Priest. The Vatican strongly opposes clergy assuming political office, but Among is already holding the role of Governor of Pampanga, though he is known to serve the public without any selfish modem.

My opinion (yes everybody has one) on that matter is that the church has no place in the political realm. After all doesn’t the Catholic Church basically grant the clergy their authority? Wouldn’t that technically mean that the Catholic Church would be running the country and Among would only be their puppet? I am not sure how all of that works, but this gives you something to ponder.