Swine Flu Update for Philippines

The Philippine health authorities on Wednesday confirmed four more people infected with the A/H1N1 flu virus, bringing the cases up to 6.

28 more people suspected to have the virus have been quarantined and are being tested.

Please take care and if you feel flu symptoms get checked up right away!


Baron Geisler – Yasmien Kurdi – Harassment on the Set of SRO Cinemaserye

Harassment can make anyone feel uncomfortable, just ask Yasmien Kurdi.  She has experienced another typical male who thinks he is God’s gifts to women making remarks, cat calls and rude gestures to her.

Hey Baron Geisler, how would your Australian girlfriend that you told me will be here soon react to this?  I feel sorry that she has to return to you with your face plastered all over the news for this issue.

There is a point where enough is enough, and I know that you have been talked to about this on set already, yet you continued and now it is all over the news, come on, just admit you were wrong and apologize to the poor girl.

How would you like it if it was your daughter someone was treating like that or your girlfriend, walk in the other person’s shoes and put things in perspective?

You are not a horrible person, but the media is going to drag you through the mud.  End it by issuing an apology, publically, and let this be a lesson learned, think about what you do before you act, you are not a child and your career depends on your image.

Hmph, maybe GMA should leave the ABS-CBN stars at ABS-CBN!


Anyway, be sure to watch SRO Cinemaserye – Suspetsa! on GMA 7 tomorrow night after GMA Telebabad!  This one is even better than the first.


Breaking Sad news on Prop 8

California Supreme Court upholds ban on new same-sex marriages, but lets existing marriages stand.

Pretty sad that a handful of people hold the happiness and love of so many others.  Most people would not even be affected by same-sex marriages.

I find it funny that these people that oppose happiness feel as if they are righteous and without sin, that they put themselves in God’s shoes and judge others because of their personal feelings. 

I wonder if they think they are saints?  I would love to dig the skeletons out of their closets and show people the kind of people they are letting rule their lives. Cry

Thoughts? Comments?


SRO Cinemaserye -Suspetsa– New Cast Pics

Just a quick blurb, wanted to share these exclusive first pics with you all! Enjoy!

Baron Geisler as Danny (Kapamilya on loan, hehe)

Jennylyn Mercado as Nina (Luka, luka, so fun!)

Nadine Samonte as Abigail (The Lechon Queen!, hehe)

Paolo Contis as Adam (EB babe lover, go go go, itaktak mo!!!)

Ryan Eigenmann as Chris (Enjoy him while you can!)

Victor Aliwalas as Matt (Sexy siya!)

Yasmien Kurdi as Leonor (Avid therickyshow.com  Reader!!!! and a veggie lover!)


Stay tuned for more hot behind the scene photos, videos, and more!


Hayden Kho – Sex Scandal – Katrina Halili

Podcast: [audio:http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/therickyshow_20090527_0647-437402.mp3]

Well it is all over the internet and the streets, I am sure most of you have viewed the Hayden Kho sex scandal videos, and guess what, most of them were real this time!

Though Hayden Kho says he did not release the video, he has issues a public apology for the videos saying, “I deplore the fact that without my knowledge and consent, these recordings were uploaded on the Internet, downloaded, reproduced in optical media form, distributed and sold to the public.”

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has issued a subpoena for Eric Johnston Chua, a friend of Kho. Chua is the NBI’s suspect behind the spread of the video on the Net. The NBI has also subpoenaed Kho and his former girlfriend, Vicki Belo to issue additional information on the issue.

Katrina Halili, one of the many women featured on Kho’s video, was devastated by the embarrassing experience, has asked the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) to revoke the license of the plagued surgeon.

Kho has already decided to suspend his practice of Medicine for the time being saying, “I own up to my responsibility as a professional, and have decided to suspend my practice of medicine.”


2010 Election in the Philippines!

Well, the 2010 elections are just right around the bend. Less than one year to go if everything goes as planned, and the elections are scheduled to be held on May 10, 2009.

Lets see if everything goes through. Who will be our 15th president.

At this point after doing my research on the history, The Ricky Show gives its full endorsement to Bayani Fernando. Bayani not only has years of experience but during these years he has produced some great accomplishments. When he became mayor of Marikina back in 1992 he cleaned up the city, and transformed it from a 4th class municipality to a bustling and thriving model Philippine city. He was also re-elected twice and served as mayor of Marikina until 2001!

In 2002 Bayani was appointed the Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and still holds this office concurrently with the position of director for the Department of Public Works and Highways for the National Capital Region.

Bayani is the best bet for a better future for the Philippines!

Hope to see him elected in 2010!

Other candidates that have declared their intent to run are:
Among Eddie Panlilo, Jejomar Binay, Francis Escudero, Panfilo Lacson, Mar Roxas, Gilberto Teodoro, and Manny Villar.

Just a quick note, Among Eddie Panlilo is a Catholic Priest. The Vatican strongly opposes clergy assuming political office, but Among is already holding the role of Governor of Pampanga, though he is known to serve the public without any selfish modem.

My opinion (yes everybody has one) on that matter is that the church has no place in the political realm. After all doesn’t the Catholic Church basically grant the clergy their authority? Wouldn’t that technically mean that the Catholic Church would be running the country and Among would only be their puppet? I am not sure how all of that works, but this gives you something to ponder.