Cindy Kurleto, Missing Manila, But Happy in Lima, Peru

Cindy Kurleto, a previous host of Eat Bulaga! Was recently spotted back in Manila while visiting to attend the wedding of a good friend.

Cindy says she is happy in Peru, but misses Manila.  She spends her days there studying the Spanish language, and though she says it is boring at times, she wants to take something away from there if she ever leaves.  She also says she is still way more fluent in Tagalog than she is in Spanish.

Cindy also says her base is in Lima Peru, but her Home will always be Manila.  She enjoys a simple and obscure life in Lima where she says, “I can sit in the mall and read a book for half the day, and never be noticed.”

We are wondering if Cindy will ever make her way back home, and if so, will she return to television if and when she decides to return?