SRO Cinemaserye: Ganti – Episode One

Thursday, March 26, 2009, night one of the hit series Ganti!  What a masterpiece, from the all star cast to the clean crisp look of something ready for the big screen.  I have been behind the scenes and now, I am amazed to see this instant classic in its final form!

The look on Marvin Agustin and Maxene Magalona’s faces when they are caught by in each others arms by Sheryl Cruz give the idea of how dramatic and gripping this series promises to be.

I have to comment on the direction by Dominic Zapata, the camera work on this show rivals some that I have seen come out of Hollywood!  I have to give major kudos to Executive Producer, Joseph Bulacan for pushing this gripping series to the top and not holding back on anything!  I absolutely love it! Did you see those piranhas?!? Great effects!!!

Joseph & Ricky

Secret Secret: Joseph’s Vehicle made an appearance in the show!

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Joseph Bulacan over the weekend and we had a little chikka about the show.  He has a creative mind that won’t stop!  I love his work and hope to see more of it in the future!  Maybe we will see a cameo of me in some of his future works, lol.

I feel sorry for anyone who missed the fantabulous masterpiece that is SRO Cinemaserye: Ganti!!! 

The Ricky Show gives this 2 thumbs way up, we just wish this show was aired 5 nights a week and not on Thursday lang.

Stay tuned for the next episode of…

SRO Cinemaserye – Ganti

Airing Thursday, April 2nd, On GMA 7 after telebabad!


SOP, Showbiz Central, SRO Cinemaserye, Zorro, and MORE! EXLUSIVE!

What a whirlwind of a Sunday.  While visiting the stars of SRO behind the stage, I was able to share some exclusive moments with the beautiful women of the upcoming hit SRO Cinemaserye.

Quick Fact: SRO stands for Standing Room Only (from the mouth of the Executive Producer.)

I was also lucky enough to meet some of the cast and crew from Zorro featuring Richard Gutierrez and Rhian Ramos as I spent the day behind the scenes of SOP and Showbiz Central at GMA studios.  The costumes for Zorro are so elaborate, I feel for the actors who have to sweat it out in such bulky costumes.  Even Richard has to be a little sweaty after donning the mask of Zorro, which he whizzed past me wearing on his way to the SOP stage.

The day was hectic and I was introduced to many people, so sorry if I miss anyone.  The day started out early as we headed to GMA, upon arrival I had a quick meal and was whisked off to the Studio 7 dressing rooms to begin an informative and fun day.  Check out the stars in the exclusive photos below.

First on the list was Kris Bernal (who looks amazingly like Marian Rivera, but more beautiful), who was very polite and even so kind as to say that I have nice eyes (blush). But everyone always tells me that anyway, why is it never nice ass, hehe.

Next up was Arci Muñoz, who plays Annie on SRO Cinemaserye. What a doll!  She looked super sexy today! (Secret Secret: Arci’s Dress was held together in the back by fishing string to prevent a Marian Rivera SOP retake {hehe}!)

Birthday, birthday, birthday, there were three birthdays celebrated today on SOP, including, JC De Vera who recently decided to stay with the Kapuso Family, Jaya, and Aljur Abrenica (who I met earlier this day, such a neat guy). Kris was included in the singing groups to honor the birthday peeps. (Secret Secret: The same cake was used for JC and Aljur, they just scraped the JC off and took it out again, and it was oh so obvious!)

Oh, how can I forget the oh so cute LJ Reyes was on hand too, I didn’t recognize her in full makeup and costume, but she walked up and told me hello and asked if I remembered her.  Upon closer inspection I was like OMG, hey LJ, how are things!  I felt like an ass because I had just been to 2 parties with her earlier this month (Big DUH)!!! (These Pics are with a phone, hence the graininess, my camera was at home.)

Next on the list was Bianca King, though I didn’t catch pics with her yet as she is working two shows right now, SRO Cinemaserye and Zorro, so she was back and forth like crazy today.  She is a sweet girl though!

While chatting with Maxene Magalona (Eloisa on SRO) while she was getting her hair and makeup done, I avoided the issue of the recent death of her father, as I knew she was going to have to deal with that enough on the two shows today. She is such a kind hearted girl!

Another lovely lady that I had a chance to have chikka with today was Sheryl Cruz.  Sheryl is nice and she plays Viola on SRO Cinemaserye.  Sheryl, though very nice, seemed to have a lot on her mind today and didn’t smile too much.  Maybe she was worried about her Gimme Mo interview on Showbiz Central.

The girls got together on SOP and did a tribute to Maxene Magalona as well as to promote SRO Cinemaserye. Maxene started off with Try It On My Own by Whitney Houston, then Arci, Bianca, and Sheryl joined her with the song Count on Me from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack! It was very awesome.

Also I finally got to meet Jenica Garcia’s main squeeze, Mart Escudero in a quick passing as well as a whole lot of other celebs!

Stay tuned to as I will be doing more artist profiles and also a tribute to the crew of:

SRO Cinemaserye!

Be sure to watch for the first episode this Thursday, March 26th, after GMA Telebabad, it is called Ganti.


SRO Cinema Serye UPDATE!!!

Just a quick update, we are getting exclusive word that SRO Cinema Serye has a tentative airdate of Thursday, March 26, 2009! It is scheduled after Fated to Love You on GMA 7!  We will let you know if anything changes! Stay tuned!

*Quick Fact- Cinema Serye will be filming in Bulacan on March 17th!


Geoff Eigenmann – SRO Cinema Serye – Artist Profile – Exclusive Pics!

Geoff Eigenmann, born on March 23, 1985 is the son of Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa, and is one of today’s heartthrobs, who is now shooting his first prime time show on GMA, after moving to the Kapuso Family from ABS-CBN’s Kapamilia crew.

His first appearance on television was in a Jolibee commercial, but he is now one of the leading men on GMA’s hot new series – SRO Cinema Serye

Geoff plays Kevin Manansala, the abandoned son who grew up with his foster mother, Adella (Daria Ramirez), to become a successful business entrepreneur who by a sudden twist of fate meets Viola Ojeda (Sheryl Cruz), his real mother as they struggle to take revenge on those who betrayed them!

Make sure to tune into GMA 7 in the next few weeks to find out what happens on SRO Cinema Serye!

Check out these exclusive pics of Geoff Eigenmann!




Exclusive! SRO – Cinema Serye – If you liked Obra, you will love it!

GMA has done it again and has came up with a sure-fire hit in the new series Cinema Serye!  Soon you will get to see some familiar faces and a few new ones added to the GMA family!

Cinema Serye will feature talent such as Sheryl Cruz, Marvin Agustin, Bianca King, Arci Muñoz, and Maxene Magalona, and re-introducing Geoff Eigenmann to the Kapuso Family!

While recently on the set of episode 1, I had the pleasure to visit with Bianca King and Geoff Eigenmann who are both lovely people.  I watched a couple of the scenes being filmed and later watched a few of the scenes being reviewed with Bianca as they will appear when they hit the television in the next few weeks, and will be aired every Thursday night, I will update you with times and release date as the information is confirmed.

Director, Dom Zapata, Executive Producer, Otep Buncalan, and Production Designer, Bing Santos, were all wonderful gentleman that had no problem showing me around the set and visiting with me during the lull periods.  Senior Program Manager, Redgie A. Magno, was not on set that night, but she is also a wonderful and dynamic woman who I have met and that I hope to interview soon for another exclusive for The Ricky Show!

This series is going to be great, make sure to tune into GMA 7 for a show you will be unlikely to tear your attention from!

Check out this exclusive first release pic!


Cindy Kurleto, Missing Manila, But Happy in Lima, Peru

Cindy Kurleto, a previous host of Eat Bulaga! Was recently spotted back in Manila while visiting to attend the wedding of a good friend.

Cindy says she is happy in Peru, but misses Manila.  She spends her days there studying the Spanish language, and though she says it is boring at times, she wants to take something away from there if she ever leaves.  She also says she is still way more fluent in Tagalog than she is in Spanish.

Cindy also says her base is in Lima Peru, but her Home will always be Manila.  She enjoys a simple and obscure life in Lima where she says, “I can sit in the mall and read a book for half the day, and never be noticed.”

We are wondering if Cindy will ever make her way back home, and if so, will she return to television if and when she decides to return?