Marian Rivera a Real “BITCH” off Camera!!!

Marian Rivera may seem sweet and innocent in the roles she plays, such as Mari Mar, Dyesabel, and in her most recent role as Proserfina Valdez in Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang, but the people who have to put up with her behind camera have a different view of the recent diva!

She can be a mega-bitch to deal with behind the camera our sources tell us!  Throwing tantrums and expecting people to always bow down to her as if she is the “Queen of all Media!”

Seems like you need to take some lessons from the Veterens Marian and back off the guns a bit, people are starting to talk about ya behind your back, and not that innocent little chit-chat either.  Don’t forget, without your fans and without your network you can become nobody just as quick as you stepped in to that limelight honey!