Philip Salvador says “Sorry” for little outburst!

Philip Salvador,  Philippine actor, had a little problem during a minor traffic altercation recently.  He actually hit the bus driver! Philip says this was the result of an emotional outburst and that he was just worried about the safety of his family.

"Hindi ko pinagmamalaki ang ginawa ko. Mali iyon. Outburst iyon (I am not proud of what I did. That was wrong. It was an outburst)," Salvador said.

Looks like the driver got in a few good hits too and says:

"Nasaktan ko nga siya. Nabatukan ko siya at nasuntok ko siya isang beses sa noo ata. Pero kung binugbog ko siya wasak ang mukha niya”.
("I knew I hurt him when I hit him on the head and punched him on his forehead. But I did not beat him up. His face would have been severely damaged had I done so.")

The driver according to Philip never apologized and was only worried about getting money from actors.