Did Perez Hilton’s book Red Carpet Suicide Flop?

Did Perez Hilton’s (Gay-rez Hilton-popotamus) new book Red Carpet Suicide: A Guide to Keeping Up With The Hiltons flop???  We think it did!  This over weight and outspoken self-proclaimed diva, Mario Lavandeira, has not said much of anything about the sales of his book which was released by Celebra Hardcover (January 6, 2009). Don’t you all find that a little odd since Gay-rez loves to pat himself on the back!

We tried punching in the ISBN-10: 045122521X and the ISBN-13: 978-0451225214 to find some statistics for this feeble attempt of a book and weren’t able to find much of anything about it, ANYWHERE, except for a handful of places where it is being sold (mainly Amazon)!

While browsing some reviews of Red Carpet Suicide: A Guide to Keeping Up With The Hiltons over at Amazon, we found some we would like to share:

“To his credit, Perez obviously did not use a ghostwriter, as this book appears like it was written by a 15 year old.”

but then I noticed something…he was saying the same thing over and over again, only this time he included a few crudely drawn pictures to go along with his melodrama.”

“If Teen People magazine were dumbed down a few notches, it would still be smarter than this pamphlet . . .err. . .book.”

and it was even called a:

Poorly written bore-fest”

and the list goes on and on! 

So before you waste your money, at least make sure to do your own research and read the reviews of the poor souls who already read this piece of work.  Please note that this is our opinion, we always encourage everyone to make their own!