Britney Spears says “If You Seek Amy”!!!

Britney Spears has been a naughty little girl, and WE LOVE IT!  Have you listened to her song If You Seek Amy?  Well if not then listen to it again, this time take note of the line what says “… all the boys and girls are begging to if you seek Amy”!!! Now say it slow…. slower… if you still don’t get it just look at the picture again, it has a huge hint at the bottom!

Britney and her posse are going to change the title to the song though, because a lot of radio stations were threatening to ban the song from play.  The new title is supposed to be “If You See Amy” but that is okay, we all now know what the real meaning of the song is!  Britney are you bi? All the boys and girls!!!  Keep up some of this crazyness girl, we loves it!