Perez Hilton is an Idiot!

Gayrez Hilton-popotomus has spread more of his idocracy as always.  He recently published a blog regarding a Filipino remake of the movie Twilight, using as his information source.  Obviously he does not have any reliable sources here in the Philippines and doesn’t know that information here has to come from the source to be reliable.

Here is a response to Hilton’s ignorant and misleading post:
“There is no truth to the web reports, particularly in the Perez Hilton blogsite that ABS-CBN is doing a local adaptation of ‘Twilight,” Bong Osorio, ABS-CBN Corporate Communications chief said in a text message to a local newspaper. “ABS-CBN will be the first one to announce if it is, in fact, doing so.”

Anyway, I am not wasting any more time on this Queen of all Idiots right now!