Jennifer Aniston Rocks the Box Office in Marley and Me!

The beautiful Jennifer Aniston not only beat out “country bumpkin” ex, Brad Pitt, she cleaned house with her new film, Marley and Me. The film opened on Christmas Day as the Highest Grossing film ever on Christmas, raking in 14.8 Million Dollars!

Brad’s movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a movie about a man who ages backwards only grossed 11.8 Million. Keep up the awesome work Jen!

[Image: WireImage]


John Costelloe Takes His Own Life in Pre-Holiday Suicide.

John Costelloe, 47, played Johnny Cakes on The Sopranos, but was not too happy with life.  John shot himself in the head in his basement bedroom on Tuesday, December 16, but wasn’t found until December 18th.

His friends and family said the John seemed happy and that they cannot believe the he is gone!  He was found after family members were unable to reach him.  What a crazy holiday season this has turned out to be!


The Legendary Eartha Kitt has died.

The legendary actress, singer, dancer and self-proclaimed sex-kitten, Ms. Eartha Kitt has passed away at the age of 81.

Most notably known for her roll as Catwoman on Batman, many also know her for her sexy rendition of Santa Baby and also Where is My Man?

The songstress had been struggling with colon cancer, though she was still performing with dates booked into 2009!  She was being treated at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Eartha passed away on Christmas Day, Thursday December 25, 2008.

She will be remembered by many!


Madonna and Jesus Luz, Her new boy toy!

Madonna's New Boy toy! Yummy!

The ink is not even dry on the D-I-V-O-R-C-E papers and her Majesty, Madonna, has a new boy toy.  And all we can say is Day-um girl, this one is hotttt!!!

She was quite forward in showing her likes for this Brazilian baby and ask him to go with her as her Sticky & Sweet tour moved on to São Paulo.  Madge, you have got to keep this one, he is to damn sexy to let go!


Amy Winehouse shows her Boobies!

Amy Winehouse was recently spotted in the Caribbean dancing and swimming topless. You can see the pics and the funny as hell video at This Site! Gag, she needs to put those hot taters away!!! At least Amy, 25, has gained some weight and doesn’t look like her typical crackhead self, well, except for the drunken moneky dancing she is doing!!


Michael Jackson may Have Fatal Health Issues and he Can’t just “Beat it”!

Michael Jackson can't "Beat It" alone!

Wacko Jacko, reportedly has some serious health issues due to a rare lung condition and he can’t beat this one alone!  Jackson supposedly is needing an emergency lung transplant or he may die from this condition.

Author Ian Halperin claims in a book  he wrote that Michael suffers from Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a potentially fatal genetic illness, as well as emphysema and gastrointestinal bleeding.  He also says that Jackson may be too week already to go through with the surgery!