Perez Hilton in Court Again!

My God, this queen does not give up. He has made millions upon millions already from basically stealing from countless others and now he is worried about making a little profit. Perez Hilton claims the site is using his trademarked name to make profit.

Whatever Mario Lavandeira, you are truly a dumb ass! You are griping for nothing and I hope the judge laughs in your face! Perez is a very common name, in fact there are around 1,530 people in the US alone with that as a first name, and approximately 474,314 with Perez as their surname. What about the 12 or so people in the US who share the name Hilton Perez? Maybe they should sue Perez for stealing their name. 

The site is not similar in name to at all! If it was like or similar then maybe he should complain, but as it stands, he has no reason.  Maybe he is worried about recent reports showing his slipping numbers as more and more people are moving away from his site to find other places to read fresh news and gossip elsewhere.

Maybe Paris Hilton should sue him, as this is obviously where he stole his moniker from!  Paris wrote on Lindsay Lohan’s site in the past that she only hangs out with Perez because he gets into some good parties.  I bet that is the same reason Katy Perry is hanging out with Gay-rez too!