Perez Hilton looks Tired.

MTV Europe Music…

Photo by Mike Marsland/Getty…

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MTV Europe Music Awards 2008…

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM – NOVEMBER 06: Perez Hilton attends the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards at the Liverpool Echo Arena on November 6, 2008 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/Getty Images)

Photo by Mike Marsland/Getty…

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Perez Hilton seems to be looking a little ran down these days.  Maybe it is because of all the parties he gets invited to, or maybe it is because of all the weight that Perez Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira) seems to have packed on in recent years.  You really are a fat slob Perez (and I say this with love), individuality is one thing, but running around in skin tight shirts with your back fat sticking out everywhere is going overboard. Nobody wants to stand next the the fat and sweaty gay guy, ewww!

Hell hath no fury like that of a tired and aging queen, so we shall see if he directs his fury this way, lol.  His stories are becoming a bit boring too as if the magic touch that he once had is falling away.  Oh yes, his site still gets a ton of page views, but if you Google some of the information you find on his site you will see that it is a little stale already most of the time. Is Perez Hilton even doing his own writing these days?

Has he annoyed his better sources?  What is happening at the Hilton house?  He knows that his blogging days are eventually going to come to an end and seems to be preparing for it by branching into other sectors of the entertainment world.  Perez’s screen appearance are very lack luster and amateurish though, so that little endeavor will hopefully not last long.

Many people often hang out with Perez simply because he can get them into some of the better parties, regardless of what this aging queen believes.  My sources tell me that is slowly getting quashed as more and more people are removing Perez Hilton from their guest lists in order to keep the real celebrities happy.

Perez is only 30, soon to be 31 on March 23 of 2009, but my goodness, he is looking more like he is in his 40’s!  He needs to use some of the money he has earned and hire someone to dress him.  You are looking a little baduy these days baby!