Paris Hilton’s House was Robbed!!!

Paris Hilton was Robbed!

Paris Hilton’s home located in the 3300 block of  Clarendon Road was robbed sometime between Thursday evening and 4Am on Friday morning!  The security guard on duty said, the burglar was “wearing a hooded sweat shirt and gloved” entered the home and “ransacked her bedroom”, umm isn’t that what a security guard is hired to prevent? Couldn’t the guard have at least called the cops in time to prevent this?

Sounds to me like it could have been an inside job!  So anyway aroun $2 Million worth of Paris’ jewelery was stolen.  That suxx for her, I know what it feels like to be robbed!  Hope they catch the person who did this and I hope that her security guard was not involved!


Rihanna bringing us The Remixes in 2009!

Rihanna - The Remixes

What a way to bring in the New Year! Rihanna has compiled a hot new album of remixes from her double-platinum album, Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded and it is going to be hot! Promise!

The songs and the “Remixers” are:

  1. Umbrella – Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel
  2. Disturbia – Jody den Broeder
  3. Shut Up and Drive – The Wideboys
  4. Don’t Stop the Music – Jode den Broeder
  5. Take a Bow – Tony Moran & Warren Riggs
  6. Breakin’ Dishes – Soul Seekerz
  7. Hate That I Love You – K-Klassic
  8. Question Existing – The Wideboys
  9. Push Up On Me 0 Moto Blanco
  10. Good Girl Gone Bad – Soul Seekerz
  11. Say It – Soul Seekerz
  12. Umbrella – Lindbergh Palace

Look for this one on your store shelves in late January!

Loves ya!


Oprah Winfrey picks HBO!

Oprah Winfrey doing some HBO!

Oprah Winfrey has decided to go with HBO for her scripted works for at least the next 3 years, as Harpo Films has entered into an exclusive agreement for this time period with HBO.

Beginning in 2009, Harpo Films will produce series, films and documentaries for HBO.

Wonder when we will see Harpo/Obama Productions, ’cause we all know Ms. Ofra has the hots for Prez Obama!