American Idol is Making some Changes, Paula Abdul Staying on!

American Idol Making Changes

American Idol is making some changes in their upcoming season.  They are bringing back the wild card finalist selected by the judges, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell. The show will also be shortening the misfits that don’t make it to the show, but not removing it completely as it is one of the highlights and still getting good ratings.

Paula Abdul will continue on with the show despite her recent bitch session where she recently criticized the show for allowing her long-time stalker Paula Godspeed to audition for the show.  Godspeed was found dead in a car outside Abdul’s home back in November.

The shows producer, Ken Warwick, recently said American Idol would never “get rid of Paula, even if there were people in production that didn’t like her”.  That is some hella good job security!