Madonna and Guy and A Material World!

Madonna, Guy, and Money!

So the latest word out is that Guy Ritchie is going to make of with between $75 million to over $90 million of Madonna’s hard earned dollars! That is one helluva settlement after only a handful of years.

Think that is a lot! Check out these other big money divorces!

  • Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan – she got $168 million
  • Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphy – Marcia walked with $150
  • Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison – She got $85 million and get this, she negotiated for a cut of the actor’s future earnings from movies he made while they were married according to Now that was one smart woman!

So think about that. Hollywood and all the celebrities should just stick with Long Term Relationships and give marriage the finger altogether. LOL, and they are worried about gays getting married and proposition 8! There are plenty of straights making a mockery of marriage already, why worry about two people that really do love each other!