Tom Cruise: Christmas and A New Holocaust Movie

Tom Cruise - Christmas and a Movie

Space case, Tom Cruise in a recent interview with Marc Malkin discusses Christmas and his kids.  Tom Cruise Tells Mark that Shopping for Suri should be easy, “She likes dolls, stuffed animals,” says Cruise. “She’s really easy about stuff like that.” Do Scientologists even believe in Christmas?

Tom also has to buy a little sum’n sum’n for his two adopted children, Bella and Conner. When asked about shopping for them Cruise replied the kids want “A cool pair of sneakers, different books that they like…they’re kind of like, ‘Look, it’s been a busy year and we’re just looking forward to some quiet time, just hangin’ out.”

Okay Tom, Bella is 16, earth to Tom, beep beep beep, earth to Tom! Get the Girl a car, Jesus, Joseph, and Mary! You just don’t get it do you (especially the part about Jesus, Joseph, and Mary)!  I wonder if Katie Holmes really plays into all of this stuff!?!

Before ending the interview, Tom didn’t miss the opportunity to plug his upcoming film, Valkarie
in theaters later this month (release date is 12-25-2008). The movie is based on actual events about a plot to assassinate Hitler that  is unfurled during the height of WWII.