Paterson office says Poop On Saturday Night Live Skit!

Gov. Paterson

The Office of Legally Blind New York Governor David A. Paterson was not amused with a skit on the weekend’s Saturday Night Live episode that represented Patterson as a an idiot and in a almost drunken like state.

Umm… BOO HOO! You are the one that ran for a public office Mr. Paterson, and while it is somewhat distasteful, it was all done for the sake of humor. If you can’t take the heat, then you sure as hell don’t need to be in that kitchen buddy!

What’s next, no one can make fun of the President? Sounds to me like a dictatorship is in the works! Back off and lighten up. The governor’s office even went so far as to say that Saturday Night Live was making fun of people with disabilities and saying they could not handle a serious job. OMG, it is Saturday Night Live, it was a joke, most people that watch the show know it was a joke!

Shouldn’t you guys be doing something constructive with your tax payers dollars other than bitching about a comedy skit on a weekend television show?

If interested in responding to the Governor’s Office, here is some contact info for ya!

To Write To The Governor:

David A. Paterson

State Capitol

Albany, NY 12224

or you can visit:

THIS LINK, to send email!