Auto Bailout Bill likely to Die in Congress!

Remember this Oil Companies???

Okay this is an atypical article for me, but I have a theory.  The Auto Bailout Bill is likely going to die in Congress according to Political Analysts.  The Democrats and Republicans can’t get it together well enough to discuss this issue and the 60 votes needed to end the debate and move to vote on the actual bill will be held soon and it is expected to fail.

Looks to me like the Big Boys who run the oil companies and thought they were smart by hiking the prices to an un-Godly amount in order to line their pockets are the ones to blame for this.  I really hope this comes back to bite them in the ass!

They kept the prices so high for so long that people were not as likely to buy new cars. Over a few years of excruciating gas prices the Auto Manufactures were losing money like crazy.  Now we have companies like GM and Ford practically begging for money to stay afloat and here is a bill set to die in congress!

Well thank you, Oil Companies, you big ASSES!  If the truth were to be known it is probably their fault that the entire economy is in the shape it is in in the first place.  That is okay, this just sets the path for new companies that are more Green to emerge!

Okay all, what are your views on this!