Blake Fielder-Civil threatens to Tell All in Book about Amy Winehouse

Amy Wine House and Blake Fielder-Civil

Okay, so I am going to rant a bit! This DOUCHEBAG crack head loser, Blake Fielder-Civil, has the audacity to pull a stunt like this! I know Amy Winehouse has made an ass out of herself time and time again, but if it wasn’t for that ass of a husband, I honestly do not believe that she would have ended up like that!

He takes a nice girl with a pretty good voice, and utterly ruins her, beats her, and God knows what else! Now he is threatening to tell all in a book about her if she doesn’t pay him at least $1.5 million in “hush” money.  Newsflash, Blake “The Snake” Fielder-Civil, most of Amy’s laundry has already been aired.

I vote that you save the money girl, kick the ass to the curb and see if he can pull enough wit together to come up with said book!  Get your act together Amy, you may never make a comeback, but you can at least enjoy the millions you already have!